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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Khooscriptions?

Consider Khooscriptions your off-the-shelf plug-&-play billing solution delivered on the cloud. You can connect with Khooscriptions via API if you are technically inclined or use our PCI compliant hosted payment pages to collect payments, to go-live in minutes.

Why should I choose to build a Khooscriptions membership website rather than using another platform and subscription plugin? 

You could use a platform like Wordpress and then a plug-in to allow subscription purchases. You'll then need to manage your website eCommerce products (from another plug-in) and your memberships separately. As well as this, you'll be limited in how you can display your products i.e. you cannot sell a membership product and a normal product on the same page. You'll also be limited in the management of your subscriptions and the 'actions' that you can create from your member signups. 

This route can therefore work for a certain size of business however, it can unravel as your business grows. 

Why should I use Khooscriptions instead of building my own subscription website and management system? 

Alternatively, you could choose to get a custom eCommerce membership site developed for you. This can prove costly and hard to maintain as your business grows. 

How is Khooscriptions hosted?

Khooscriptions is hosted by Khoo Systems Limited on their UK-hosted mini virtual cloud. You can read more about Khoo Systems Limited here

Are there any cancellation charges for a Khooscriptions membership website?

No, we bill for the upcoming month so to cancel, just let us know and we'll stop billing. 

Is EU VAT included in the pricing?

No, all prices are excluding VAT.

What does "website subscription management platform" mean?

Khooscriptions gives you an online platform to manage your subscription products and subscribers, in one place. You can track your subscription payments, manage your online subscription products (and how they look!) and oversee your subscription customers - they could be members or repeat purchasers. By putting everything you need to manage a subscription based business in one platform, Khooscriptions is a turnkey solution for anyone looking to sell subscriptions online.

Why should I use Khooscriptions instead of building a custom recurring invoicing system (or use PayPal) for repeat invoices?

Recurring billing is much more than billing at periodic intervals. To ensure your customers have a great shopping experience, you need to provide them with a simple and easy to use payment system. We offer you just that.

We also help reduce customer churn by giving you actionable data with the help of notifications and reports to ensure that you are on top of things with your business.

Building a billing system on your own requires a lot of time, effort and focus from management. Using us, you can least of all be at peace knowing that your entire customer billing is handled by the experts in the most secure way.

How soon can I start using Khooscriptions?

Khooscriptions websites take between 6-8 weeks to setup, given content and you'll need to allow a few weeks to get setup with an online payment provider or our Direct Debit provider, GoCardless.  

I am thinking about using a Shopify app for my subscription business, can I use Khooscriptions instead? 

If you're considering a Shopify app for your subscription business, it's likely that your eCommerce website is currently with Shopify. You therefore have a choice about whether to use Khooscriptions for simply your subscription products or your entire website. We recommend the latter for greater value for money. 

How does Khooscriptions compare to a Shopify subscription app? The main differences are: your ability to customise your website or subscription product offering, the ability to create automated operational actions and the integrated subscription CRM base. Typically Shopify apps will be fairly limited with their ability to customise the website front-end (as this is limited by Shopify), their ability to send operational actions (as this requires 'talking' to the operational software), and the app will also need to link with your chosen CRM, if you have one. 

Within Khooscriptions you're able to take advantage of all the extensive front-end website features from the iPages software. This lets you entirely customise your product offering, to create the user journey that you want for your customers and soon-to-be subscribers. Once your customers have subscribed, you're able to manage their subscription automatically through Automated Workflows and your subscriber CRM. 

Can I change my company name or how charges appear on a customer’s credit card statements?

Yes, this will be controlled within your GoCardless admin area. You can also change your invoicing details within Khooscriptions. 

If I have multiple Khooscriptions websites, do I get charged separately?

We love customers using Khooscriptions and, if you're using more than one website front-end we shall consolidate your billing and provide a discount of 20% for each additional website front-end. 

Is there a limit to the number of products, memberships or services I can offer on my subscription website? 

No, there is no limit on front-end products, services or memberships. You are in control of your website content and can update this at any time. 

Can I accept other payment methods, aside from Direct Debit?

Yes, you can offer payment by BACS, cheques, cash, card, PayPal or Direct Debit through one integrated checkout. The seamless single-page checkout uses direct integrations with our payment providers so that your customers do not need to leave the checkout page to setup a Direct Debit mandate or make a card payment. 

Can my subscribers  edit their subscriptions?

Yes - your customers can create an account with you and edit their subscription products. They can also update their delivery addresses, invoicing details, payment methods, email permissions and login details. 

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a software service that enables eCommece transactions. They essentially make sure money is passed from your customers bank account to your business bank account in a secure way. 

What is an internet merchant bank account?

An internet merchant bank account will allow your business to accept online payments by debit or credit cards or bank transfers. Banks will typically charge for this facility on a monthly basis or through a percentage of your inbound payments.  To get an internet merchant bank account, speak to your bank or our team would be more than happy to help. 

Is Khooscriptions PCI compliant?

Yes - we are PCI DSS Level 2.2 compliant. Our servers are routinely scanned to maintain compliance and can provide scan reports for your bank. 

Do you store credit card information?

We are PCI DSS compliant for credit card data transmission and do not store credit card information within Khooscriptions. We do however, store a record of your Direct Debit mandates to allow you to take recurring payments via Direct Debit. 

Can I use this solution for global customers or only customers in my country?

You can use this solution globally, although you should check with your payment processor if they have any restrictions for your account. For example, in India PayPal does not allow domestic transactions.

Does Khooscriptions allow you to take payment in multiple currencies?

Yes, you'll simply need to get this setup with your payment provider. To take payments of a fixed amount in each currency i.e. if your prices are always £10 or $8, then you'll need to create a separate currency Khooscriptions front-end websites for dollars and pounds. If you're happy with  your prices following the daily exchange rate then you can use the floating exchange rate feature within Khooscriptions and take multi-currency payments within one website. 

We support all currencies and shall cover this during your website setup. 

Can I get my data out of Khooscriptions?

Khooscriptions allows you to export different data sets easily and update your data within the site. You can export your products, customers and customer triggers (warehouse instructions). If you have any particular data export requirements, get in touch with

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, just let us know at and we'll be in touch to get any last details from you.