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Membership Subscriptions

Offer exclusivity with ease. 

Memberships are all about belonging. With Khooscriptions you can offer your customers the opportunity to belong to your 'inner circle'. Whether your customers are buying club membership or the exclusive benefits from being a premium patron, serve all your clients with bespoke packages of tiered-access permissions. 

Who would benefit from membership subscriptions? 

Clubs & Gyms

If you run a private members club, sports club, social club or gym then the concept of membership is built into your operations. Members pay routinely for access to the club. You may be managing this manually or through spreadsheets at present; Khooscriptions can help you go paperless. Members can signup online and Khooscriptions ensures your billing is handles with all the correct invoices and member notices. 

Online Memberships

You may be providing an online membership or access to a website. Khooscriptions is uniquely placed to support this through tying your front-end access to your back-end payment and billing functions in a way which other platforms cannot. As a member signs up to your website membership subscription, Khooscriptions uses automated workflows to provide instant access to your online membership areas upon payment. 

Associations & Bodies

If you're an association or body of members, you'll be used to providing this structure to be part of your organisation. However, could this be streamlined? Khooscriptions give you a rigorous system around your membership provision with membership databases and recurring actions and marketing tools for your member communications. 

What is the difference between memberships and subscriptions?

Technically, memberships and subscriptions are subtly different. The membership gets you access to the club/store/website and all the perks of being on the 'in' crowd. But to keep your membership active, you have to pay a yearly fee – that’s the subscription. Memberships are a relational concept, subscriptions are a financial construct. Combined, they provide an excellent business growth model. 

How does automating your membership subscriptions help your business? 

Managing memberships can be highly manual. Khooscriptions provides the following automations to help ease the manual admin burden on your membership business:

  • Online checkout with choice of payment methods
  • Membership database with events trail 
  • Auto-invoicing for subscriptions
  • Optional subscription auto-renewal
  • Membership expiry notices
  • Marketing emails and integrated member eCampaigns
  • Linked website front-end for member-only access areas