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Services Subscriptions

Give your customers a great service, again and again and again... 

Khooscriptions helps you provide your service on a recurring basis without spending time collating payment. You can focus on providing an excellent service, and your customer benefits from the ease. 

We trust our software so much, we use it to run the Khooscriptions SaaS business model. When you sign up to Khooscriptions, you'll be billed by Direct Debit for a monthly service of the Khooscriptions software. 

What services naturally lend themselves towards a subscription model? 

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) 
  • Health/Beauty treatments as a Service 
  • Shopping Services 
  • Any service that someone can receive on a periodic basis.... 

How does Khooscriptions enable your service subscription business?

Providing a service on a recurring basis is a great way to increase your revenue. However, it tends to be the manual effort around this which stops businesses from providing this. What if you could have an out the box solution for your service subscription? 

Khooscriptions enables the following to ease the manual admin burden:
  • Website with service subscription detail 
  • Service subscriber database
  • Recurring triggers that export a list of service recipients each month (or other frequency) 
  • Service gifting options
  • Auto-invoicing for services and renewal notices